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Alternating Current Circuits Corcoran Pdf Download




 engineering students and related courses in electrical engineering. Most of the discussion of alternating- current circuits is concerned with practical applications of AC circuits, and this text has been designed to meet the requirements of this type of course. In addition, it has been written with a view to covering topics which will be more likely to be of interest to a working electrical engineer. The design of alternating-current circuits can be a fascinating problem. From the outset, the author is acutely aware of the dangers of oversimplifying the analysis of AC circuits. He is aware of the close connection between the electrical sciences, in particular the theories of voltage, current and power, and the basic sciences of mechanics and of thermodynamics. This book is a contribution towards the making of electrical engineers who will have, in addition to a basic knowledge of electrical science, a sound understanding of the underlying physical principles. There are many alternating-current circuits. These include transformers, voltage regulators, wave-form transformers, and also wave-form rectifiers. In addition, this text covers inductors, capacitors, parallel resonant circuits, and also band-pass and low-pass filters. The author suggests that it is not very easy for a novice to deal with the concept of alternating current. The author admits that a knowledge of the other sciences is needed. He therefore provides an introduction to this topic in the first part of the book. This is followed by the first chapter which is concerned with the basic properties of voltage, current and power. In the following chapters, the author discusses in detail the characteristics of the voltage and current wave-forms in an AC circuit and the application of Kirchhoff's laws. The author has added certain electrical engineering topics which he feels should be included in an introductory electrical engineering course. These include the basic concepts of impedance and reactance, circuit elements and their properties, and basic electronic instruments. He believes that it is essential for electrical engineers to have a good knowledge of these basic concepts. Last but not least, the author has felt that it is very important to include electrical engineering principles, in particular power theory, in the introductory course. This includes the properties of capacitors, inductors and their behavior, the theoretical foundations of power, the laws governing their use, and the behavior of transistors. George F. Corcoran [**C. L. S. Shikheib**]{} We live in a world filled with alternating-current



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Alternating Current Circuits Corcoran Pdf Download

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